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" " is a portal for shipping professionals worldwide in both Greek and English. has always met the ever growing demand for critical information and is considered a complete channel of information on shipping. It is also recognized for its exclusive interviews with highly respected professionals and decision-makers in the day to day operations and the future of Greek Shipping.

An additional emphasis is given in web TV with selected programs as well as the general televised coverage and advertisement.



Energyworld is a B2B magazine and website ( & exclusively for the energy market affairs in Southeastern Europe and in Eastern Mediterranean.Through its long term publication has managed to become the most necessary advisory media for the business executives who want to know first the latest developments in the energy sector in the Balcan Peninsula. The readers of the magazine have the opportunity to read and study reportages, interviews and detailed articles. The followers of the website will not miss a minut of the energy developments reading the most reliable andcurrent energy affairs. Our digital platform includes an interactive website and magazine experience that will bring your inside the world of Oil & Gas, Electricity , Renewables, legal insight and green tech including comprehensive analysis about each sector.Anyone who seeks to be informed about the future of energy market can rely on Energyworld Magazine & Website.

"QUICK Petroleum Services & Recruitment"


CQUICK is acknowledged as a leading recruiter and Human Resources agency in the Egyptian market with a business portfolio that includes primarily fulfilling placements of high caliber personnel to clients, both locally as well as overseas in addition to providing a wide range of HR related services to its clients such as manpower surveys, personnel and payroll services.Quick’s main activities include but are not limited to, targeted recruitment, training and development of human resource personnel, real-estate services, Administrative and Technical support services for a diverse client base. Its translation and printing services are to provide cost effective solutions to our clients..Quick has succeeded in publishing and periodically updating the only directory in Egypt that serves the Petroleum sector, ”The Quick Petroleum Directory” is issued twice a year in April and October. QUICK Petroleum Directory is a comprehensive reference tool that links your business with the petroleum world in Egypt, it includes contact information and lists of national & international companies operating in Egypt.

"Actualidad Maritima y Portaria "


From Daily Offer of jobs into the maritime, port and logistics sectors, News, Vessels, Companies, Ports, Customs, Events …
Oferta diaria de empleos en los sectores marítimo-portuario y logístico, Noticias, Buques, Empresas, Puertos, Aduanas, Eventos …

"Energy Global News"


“energy global news”, a privately owned energy news and advertising medium, aims to provide the oil and gas professional and non-professional public with regular updates related to the adventure of the quest for energy, this in a concise way that is easily accessible at a glance by anyone. “energy global news” supports and promotes the oil and gas industry world and its various actors, as well as all types of fossil and renewable energy.

"Maritime Security Review"


Maritime Security Review is striving to be the premier online portal for maritime security news. With a growing readership from across the industry we pride ourselves on keeping you up to date with the issues that matter. We are committed to keeping our service free for all as we believe money should be no barrier to knowledge, and all decisions should be informed.

Delegates can register to receive our weekly threat and activity report on the following link – Register here.

"CSO Alliance"


At CSO Alliance Ltd our aim is to be your one-stop-shop for your maritime security risk management needs. We can achieve this by providing you with an online platform to facilitate the secure reporting of incidents, a reliable and a secure collaboration tool and an advanced database that can push relevant information and alerts directly to the user. This is supported by our analysis team with decades of experience in the maritime intelligence and security fields.

We currently have three Alliances:
-   Company Security Officer Alliance
-   Maritime Cyber Alliance
-   Port Facility Security Officer Alliance

For further information, please visit:

The new Superyacht Alliance will be rolled out later in 2019 aimed at Superyacht captains, managers and owners.

Delegates can register to receive our weekly threat and activity report on the following link – Register here.

"Maritime Cyber Alliance"


By improving awareness of the threat and providing best management practice we can help mitigate the cyber risks to the maritime industry, working as a collective while offering strength through community.  This is the purpose of the Maritime Cyber Alliance (MCA)– one of the three online communities provided by CSO Alliance Ltd.  The MCA provides the facility for our members to submit anonymised incident reports to like-minded professionals over a secure, membership-based platform.

"Gulf Oil and Gas"


Gulf Oil and Gas (GOG) is the gateway to the oil and gas markets in the eastern hemisphere. Gulf Oil and Gas attracts thousands of professional regular visitors each day. With 50% of our audience defining themselves as engineers and another 25% in managerial roles, we deliver a captive audience of professionals responsible for specifying projects and making purchasing decisions. GOG 3D Projects service tracks information for 2000+ projects across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. GOG career center is dedicated to assisting organizations in building their engineering and technical resources.



Ship2Shore is one of the most successful on-line magazine in the Mediterranean region and the leading news provider in Italy exploring the financial, economical, political and legal aspects of the transports industry.

News are published daily on the website, grouped into macro-categories (shipping&shipyards, ports&services,  logistics&intermodal transport, energy&offshore, others) to help readers finding easily and quickly what they need.

A weekly pdf magazine, published on Monday and announced by a newsletter, offers a complete overview of the most important topics as well as in-depth analysis, interviews and further stories;   

periodic Special Features complete the information offer.

Thanks to accurate and high quality information that can be consulted directly on desktops and mobile devices, Ship2Shore is a useful working tool for being regularly updated as well as an effective means for web advertising.

A 3-weeks trial time is available by signing up on


Info: Mrs Sabrina Carozzino - T: +39 010 2517945 - Email:

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Cyber Security for Maritime-Oil-Gas
Cyber Security for Maritime-Oil-Gas
Cyber Security for Maritime-Oil-Gas
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